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Winston Carney :: Interior Designer

Often, it is the unexpected joys that bring the greatest pleasure, the greatest inspiration.

Late one afternoon, I missed a phone call from a client. I quickly checked the message to see what fire I had to put out. She had phoned, breathless, in the middle of her workout, to say that she just had her first party in her new space and that her house was a great success. She sounded so excited, so proud. Her guests had all raved about her vision for the house, and she herself gushed over how wonderful the space made her feel each time she walked through the door, again and again, like a great romance.

She said that the space had captured who she knew she was. I kept that message on my phone for almost a year.

That is why I am a designer - to help people convert those inner impressions gathered from life experiences into a statement that reflects who they are and what they value. My satisfaction comes from helping a client both articulate and realize that dream.